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kundalini yoga

Yogi Bhajan came to the US from India in 1969 to teach this powerful yoga to householders (regular people with jobs, children, etc). His aim was to create teachers, not a student following.  He was a spiritual visionary, who foresaw negative stress that people must manage in today's modern world.  Therefore, he never initiated students -- he said we must initiate ourselves.  He trained teachers who traveled and lived around the world to offer many people the experience of Kundalini Yoga and of themselves… Now many thousands teach and practice worldwide (learn more at

Kundalini Yoga is about your experience, your path and destiny, and how you find your own way to health and happiness.  It gives access to the gifts of peace and shuniya (the stillpoint in your heart), connecting you to wahe guru (indescribable wisdom) of this divine moment.  How does it do that?  Kundalini Yoga works on all eight limbs of yoga at once.  It is a complete philosophical science combining movement, posture (asana), breathwork (pranayama), beautiful chanting (mantra) and uplifting meditation. We do challenging yoga, mixed with deep relaxation, as part of powerful kriyas (sequenced exercise sets), which target specific benefits.  

The practice is an incredible experience in awakening and raising your consciousness.  You calmly harness mental and emotional energy to communicate clearly with a strong, graceful presence.  Stamina and character emerge.  You get fullness of heart and access to the infinite creative potential (kundalini), revealing your full, natural radiance.  You access health and happiness.

Doing Kundalini yoga with a trained teacher, and in a group class (or Aquarian sadhana morning practice) is very powerful and uplifting.  You will experience being supported, energized and held by the energy and intention of the community.

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We offer the experience of Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness. Improve your health, enhance your wellness, and reveal your radiance.
"All that is required is your positive participation." - Yogi Bhajan


​​What is Kundalini Yoga? What can it give to you?

This is the Yoga of Awareness, the most dynamic, powerful, and explicitly spiritual yoga system.  It opens the spine, balances the glandular system, and strengthens the nervous system.  Physically, you get energy and vitality.  Mentally, you live with mindfulness, clarity and focus. Spiritually, you access intuition and connection to self, and so end up happier, more confident and joyful.

Kundalini Yoga differs from other yoga systems, as it is very active, involving movement with intense breathing patterns to create rhythmic exercises/poses.  These work on the spinal column, one of the foundations of physical health.  The practice opens the body, increasing circulation and energy (prana).  The increased spine and body flexibility develop a strong, youthful body.  Also, Kundalini Yoga includes more meditation, chanting and relaxation then most yoga classes.  These help balance the glandular system -- decreasing stress-induced toxins (like adrenaline and cortisol), improving immunity and metabolism -- so help healing on a cellular level.